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June 13, 2024
Optimizing Complex Flows: The power of Barracuda Virtual Reactor

Barracuda Virtual Reactor is a specialized CFD software designed for complex multiphase, reacting flows with high solids loading. It's a powerful tool that addresses intricate flow challenges across various industrial applications.

How We Use It at aixprocess

At aixprocess, we apply Barracuda Virtual Reactor in several key areas:

  • Calciners in cement production
  • Fluidized bed combustors and gasifiers
  • FCC processes
  • Pneumatic transport systems
  • Cyclones

But the software's capabilities don't end there. It's also used in refining, petrochemicals, gasification, power generation, and general fluidization research, to name a few.

Solving Real Problems

Using Barracuda Virtual Reactor, we help our clients tackle issues like material dropout in calciners, poor combustion efficiency, and temperature imbalances. For those who prefer to license the software and use it independently, it offers valuable insights for plant design, enhancing both efficiency and performance.

Support and Licensing

As an Eurpean partner of CPFD Software, we provide technical support and licensing options to help our clients make the most of Barracuda Virtual Reactor, ensuring they achieve optimal results in their processes.

Written by: 
Maximilian Kaul
Marketing & Social Media Manager
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