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More Than Solid - How Flow Influences Metallurgical Production

Most unit operations in metallurgical production are flow related. Hydrogen addition to PCI cannot be observed in the blast furnace blow mould but calculated by an advanced physical model.

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Our Approach

All unit operations in metallurgy are chemical reaction technologies dependent upon high temperatures. Conveying sticky dust under flow optimised conditions leads to significantly increased maintenance intervals. Fine tuning of post-combustion air injection makes emission controls much easier. For these processes, the usage of digital twins leads to lower costs than a trial-and-error approach.

  • CFD Digital twins for multi-phase operations
    • - Blast furnace PCI
      - Pneumatic dust conveying & quenching
      - Melt injection lances
      - Fume & dust suction system 
  • Design & procurement of swirl separators for spark & coarse grain de-dusting
  • Dust and fume dispersal measurements
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