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Refining Petrochemicals
Refining & Petrochemicals
Transitioning to Hydrogen-Powered Production

Like other energy-intensive fossil fuel industries, the petrochemical and refining industry faces the challenge of securing efficient daily operations while realising energy efficiencies in huge energy transition and innovation projects.

aixprocess Industry Refining Petrochemicals
Our Approach

aixprocess cooperates with industry-leading subject matter experts and consultants from the traditional oil & gas industry to realise continuous improvement and innovations in process development. The result? Solutions that are ready for immediate industrial implementation. Our digital twins are efficient engineering tools for detailed root cause analysis of operational issues and adaptive to equipment modifications.


aixprocess has expertise in the following areas:

  • Design & procurement of decoking gas cyclones
  • CFD Digital twins for multi-phase operations
    - Fluid Catalytic Cracking-FCC
    - Burners & furnaces
    - Polymerisation reactors
    - Heat exchangers
    - Phase separators
  • Advanced data analytics
  • Feasibility & design studies
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