Barracuda Virtual Reactor
CFD Software for Dense Reacting Particle Flow

Dense reacting particle systems in fluidized beds, entrained flow reactors and cyclone systems are still a challenge for fast and reliable CFD simulation.

Barracuda Virtual Reactor simulates the 3D, transient behavior in fluid-particle systems including the multiphase hydrodynamics, heat balance and chemical reactions.

  • Software Licensing
    Invest in your in-house expertise!? Virtual Reactor licenses can be deployed at your own facilities or seamlessly on the cloud.

  • Services
    Prefer to focus on a particular project? Our experienced engineers are here to deliver results when you need them.

  • Training and Technology Transfer
    Get started quickly! Try Virtual Reactor for yourself in an introductory training course or upgrade to a technology transfer program combining services with software licensing.

We offer various ways to benefit from the Barracuda Virtual Reactor technology and our team’s expertise: whether you prefer to bring the technology in-house via software licensing, focus on a specific project with our services, or something more creative, our solutions are customized to meet your specific needs.


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