Cement industry plant
Where Traditional Values Meet Disruptive Innovation

Cement has been an essential part of human infrastructure worldwide since ancient Chinese and Roman times. Never before has the cement industry faced more innovation challenges due to its impact on CO2 emissions and climate change than today. Decarbonisation, alternative fuels, energy efficiency, hydrogen, calcined clay, and concrete recycling are no longer buzz-words. They have become an integral part of industrial solutions' response to our changing world.

Our Approach

We use our comprehensive knowledge of cement core processes for de-bottlenecking and smart optimisation. We transfer our experience from numerous optimisation projects into development of novel concepts for comminution and furnace processes - driving them to best-in-class with the use of AI methods.


aixprocess has extensive experience in:

  • Comprehensive data acquisition with detailed processes and plant audits
  • Data audit of historians
  • Multilevel modelling: real-physics cement CFD
  • Flowsheet model offline & online
  • Conceptual Engineering
  • Mill PILOT & Kiln PILOT: Digital Real-Time Optimiser
Features Rotary Kiln


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